Inspire others to Do.

Get involved. 

How to get involved, and make a difference!
Parents and Volunteers



After a year or two we encourage you to think about ways YOU could give back to the community.

•  What do YOU love to do?

•  Lead an activity!

•  Help organize a community service event!

•  Help with fair preparations

•  Help with presentation judging

•  Help with fundraising or publicity,

•  Lead a project

•  Help support the administrative side of the club.

•  It is the volunteer efforts of parents like you that contribute to the developmental opportunities for our kids.


Are you interested in volunteering your time with 4-H?  


You don’t have to have a 4-H member enrolled to donate your time!


Let us know you would like to help!


Continuing Members

You’ve done a few projects! 

You’re having a great time.  

It’s a new year! 

What should you do!?

•  What do YOU love to do?

•  Want to help lead an activity or project?

• If you 11+ years old be a Jr. or Teen Leader this year!

• If you under 11, help Mom or Dad lead an activity!

•  Be a part of the Community Service Task Force!

•  Help with fair preparations

• Be on the committee board this year!

•  Help with presentation judging

• You can be a runner or help setup the rooms.

•  Help with fundraising or publicity.

•  Help support the administrative side of the club

• Be an officer and learn to lead the club itself.

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